We at Oodles Chinese - Granby Street aim to bring all of our customers the very best value for money, services and food around Leicester. Give us feedback.

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Gorgeous food

Jason, 19 May 2019

Very good and testy food

Sergej, 17 May 2019

every time it is banging 10/10

Jaimal, 10 May 2019

Great food, good service.

Fumnanya, 09 May 2019

very good service

Matthew, 08 May 2019

Maria, 05 May 2019

Very good

Tiffany, 29 Apr 2019

Amazing Food and Service!! I have been ordering from Oodles since the last 2 years and cannot get enough! we order this every friday at work and cannot wait for the next friday!

Ketul, 18 Apr 2019


Sturgess, 12 Apr 2019

Very pleased

Kim, 06 Apr 2019

Very pleased x

Kim, 06 Apr 2019

Improve on delivery time, always arrive late then expected

Mo, 03 Mar 2019

Food comes on time every time I order, starters Schezuan wings and Chinese wings are really good. Just the saucy dishes could be more flavoured like the black bean and chicken :)

Naila, 26 Feb 2019


Michael, 21 Feb 2019

Very good service thank you very much

Zinat, 17 Feb 2019


Mirza, 16 Feb 2019

I love the fact that they prepare hot food and fresh it taste amazing just like home food.and price is reasonable as well.

Urvi, 11 Feb 2019


Zubaida, 08 Feb 2019

Firose is a good delivery person. Fast and polite thanks

Aniko, 05 Feb 2019

The drivers are great. The driver i had today, Fe Roz is a good driver and great customer service

Manny, 04 Feb 2019

All good very nice

D, 24 Jan 2019


Muhammad, 22 Jan 2019

Very nic3

F, 20 Jan 2019

Its all about the O

F, 20 Jan 2019

Really enjoy the food from here, very tasty!

Steve, 19 Jan 2019

Real fast today thanks guys

Ben, 18 Jan 2019

Love this place one of this best

Molly, 14 Jan 2019

Excellent food

Anna, 11 Jan 2019

Food gud

Mohammed, 09 Jan 2019


Weronika, 08 Jan 2019

Lovely food as always

Mahomed, 08 Jan 2019

Loved the malaysian chicken, not a fan of the Singapore rice

Moyo, 06 Jan 2019

Firoz - great delivery driver!

Mawusse, 05 Jan 2019

Excellent food but delivery takes long..

Nav, 04 Jan 2019

good food and tastes nice

Nonamepuneet, 02 Jan 2019

Very good ordered before was beaut

Kerry, 28 Dec 2018

Never disppointing

Donggyu, 27 Dec 2018


Shiraaz, 26 Dec 2018

I go there very often as the quality of the food is really good. I've recommended going here to my friends and family and they agree on how great Oodles is!

Hakeem, 13 Dec 2018


Vigna, 11 Dec 2018

Please can u send a message if I don't pick up straight away. Thank you for great service!

Saara, 07 Dec 2018

Theres been some issues with loyalty service when ordering online and paying by cash.

Arif, 04 Dec 2018

Very good food at a fantastic price. Easy to order as well.

Danny, 03 Dec 2018

Good service

Addi, 02 Dec 2018

Good service

Addi, 02 Dec 2018

Came with 48 mins still on the clock! Excellent service!

Kirsty, 01 Dec 2018


Farhan, 29 Nov 2018


Rabia, 29 Nov 2018

Always good food

Alexandra, 23 Nov 2018

Good food just slow on delivery

Danyal, 22 Nov 2018

A little less oil used please otherwise

Sabrina, 21 Nov 2018

Love this service. I highly recommend it, and have done many times.

Kate, 18 Nov 2018

The food quality is amazing. One of the best chinese places in Leicester

Tuhin, 16 Nov 2018

Ali was a very quick driver! Service is always great but tonight was extra great!

Dominic, 15 Nov 2018

Came with 10 mins still on the clock! Excellent service.

Kirsty, 14 Nov 2018

Absolutely brilliant food; delicious meals for a price worth every penny

Mateusz, 10 Nov 2018

Had Oodles deliver 3 times to us in Hamilton. They said it would take 2 hours but they were here in 1 hour! Love their food and saves us the hassle of going into town. Highly recommend them!

Nazia, 09 Nov 2018

Waiting time for deliveries has improved in the last year . Ali today was really quick Thanks

Ali Sansom, 08 Nov 2018

Brilliant food

Humza, 29 Oct 2018

Hate minimum spend

George, 20 Oct 2018

guys, you need to expand! your food is amazing!

Olga, 19 Oct 2018

Nice food, wait times are ridiculous

Farhan, 18 Oct 2018


Aisha, 17 Oct 2018


Shabba, 13 Oct 2018

Love the food here. A large box is only 7.50 and has a lot inside. Amazing! The only place I am ordering from when eating chinese.

Alexandra, 12 Oct 2018

No other comment

Ishaq, 11 Oct 2018

Very good price and quality of product, just very slow delivery.

Mahir, 08 Oct 2018

Everything went fine

Tomasz, 05 Oct 2018

Very spicy!!

Angie, 22 Sep 2018

Excellent food and service

Shiraaz, 22 Sep 2018

Good so far

Naila, 20 Sep 2018

Great service yet again! Came well within the time given!

Kirsty, 05 Sep 2018

very nice

Steven, 03 Sep 2018


Piravin Shan, 03 Sep 2018

Mia, 31 Aug 2018

Great food, friendly staff

Remi Owens, 25 Aug 2018

Excellent service came with 1 hour and 10 minutes still on the timer. Love this food

Kirsty, 24 Aug 2018


Mirza, 18 Aug 2018

Excellent food. Excellent delivery time.

Robert, 18 Aug 2018

Me and my friends ordered form you guys yesterday and we asked for fortune cookie but we never received them but we paid for the cookies

Ishaq, 16 Aug 2018

Too slow to deliver foods for us who are working on weekends and rely on foods delivered- it is quite unacceptable to wait 95 minutes to receive food

Ash, 11 Aug 2018

Fucking delicious

Bradley, 09 Aug 2018

Could eat every day

Mirza, 04 Aug 2018

Very god

Tiffany, 03 Aug 2018

Genuinely eaten from here over 100 times never been disappointed to date....

Mirza, 29 Jul 2018


Keegan, 26 Jul 2018

nice one

Abhishek, 26 Jul 2018

Good food

Hodan, 25 Jul 2018

Very nice with extra spice

Mirza, 22 Jul 2018

Quick delivery by Firoz. Very nice food. Gilson

Gm, 21 Jul 2018

good food

Michal, 19 Jul 2018

Tasty crispy prawns

Nabeelah, 18 Jul 2018

Late delivery but everything else is good

Yashika, 17 Jul 2018

Food is amazing for such a low price. Delivery is always good especially with Firoz. I usually order once a week!

Dominic, 03 Jul 2018

Fatima, 03 Jul 2018

Love oodles

Mashhudah, 01 Jul 2018

Amazing food and friendly staff. High in demand so you will be waiting a while. Food always arrives hot though!! A little pricey but for a once in a while treat it's okay.

Francisco, 01 Jul 2018

Excellent delivery

Fatima, 01 Jul 2018


Tasneem, 28 Jun 2018


Mahir, 22 Jun 2018